Fall 2001 Issue

Fall 2001 Issue

Clueless in San Diego

The antibiotechnology crowd is afraid of the truth, and for good reason.

The Presidency in Wartime-a Symposium

Bin Laden's War on the Market Economy

The U.S. response to September 11 should include economic tools and strategies both to attack the terrorists and to reduce dependence on Middle East oil.

The Drugs and Terror Connection

In the terrorists' arsenal, illegal drugs are proving to be every bit as effective as bombs, and the United States is still doing little about it.

The Presidency in Wartime-a Symposium

This Changes Some Things

Since September 11, U.S. foreign policy and America's role in the world have changed in some but not all respects.

They Were Conservatives Once . . . and Right

Jonathan M. Schoenwald, A Time for Choosing: The Rise of Modern American Conservatism (New York: Oxford University Press, 2001), 338 pp., $35.00

Death of Tolerance

Cultural Changes, Real and Transitory

The Nasty Nineties

Herbert I. London, Decade of Denial: A Snapshot of America in the 1990s (Lanham, MD: Lexington Books), 181 pages, $24.95

Getting to the Root of Terrorism

Startled Giant

Hard Lessons

The present war against terror should teach all Americans the duties of a free people.

Clinton's Collateral Damage

Barbara Olson, The Final Days: A Behind the Scenes Look at the Last, Desperate Abuses of Power by the Clinton White House (Washington, D.C.: Regnery Publishing Company, 2001), 258 pages, $27.95

Clinton's Folly

Defending the Homefront

Dire Education

Economic Armageddon?

Consumer confidence will determine whether the economy plunges into catastrophe or recovers quickly.

A Raj Too Far

The United States' war against global terrorism may stall in South Asia, where population growth, border disputes, and a nuclear arms race have eroded the region's stability.

Conscience and Fanaticism

The Presidency in Wartime-a Symposium

The Presidency in Wartime-a Symposium

Climate Change in Smoke-Filled Rooms

The Roots of Islamic Radicalism

The steady decline of the Islamic world and the oppressiveness of its governments are what fuel the hatred of the terrorists for Western values and America above all.

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