Fall 2002 Issue

Fall 2002 Issue

Europe's War of Words

Telecom Meltdown

To avert a worst-case, "nuclear winter" scenario in telecom, policymakers must act swiftly to repair the damage they have done to that industry in the past decade.

Doubts and Opportunities

He Stoops to Conquer

Filmmaker Mike Nichols entertains and insults his audience at the same time.

Civilization and Its Malcontents

Joyce Milton, The Road to Malpsychia: Humanistic Psychology and Its Discontents (San Francisco: Encounter Books) 310 pages, $26.95

Up the Slippery Slope

A National Sabbath

A way to memorialize September 11.

Riding the Next Wave: The twenty-first century will be greatly different from the twentieth--and probably much better.

From the Fall 2002 American Outlook

Islam and Its Enemies

The United States should not view the War on Terrorism as a religious conflict.

A Cheap Night Out

Fool U.

The route to higher education via the information superhighway is riddled with potholes.

Depressingly Low Scientific Standards

Protein Power

There's a lot more to the biotech revolution than inexpensive food.

Hope and Horror on the Homefront

The New Iron Curtain

Why Americans should be alarmed by anti-Christian oppression in Muslim nations.

Faith and/or Freedom

Wilder in Retrospect

What Is the Difference

Riding the Next Wave: The twenty-first century will be greatly different from the twentieth--and probably much better.

From the Fall 2002 American Outlook

Reading the Catholic Scandal

There are nearly as many books as opinions on the crisis in the Catholic Church.

Good Sports

Turkey's Tumultuous Turn

Turkey's general election in November may tell the world much about whether Islamism can play a constructive role in modern Muslim democracies.

Moderating Islamic Politics

Ironically, some of the most powerful "reformers" opposed to dictatorial regimes throughout southeast Asia and the Muslim world are Islamist groups. Washington's quandary is whether to support or oppose them.

Where Religion Matters

Although North America and Europe have become increasingly secularized during the past half century, leaders in those two continents can no longer afford to ignore religion.

Basic Instinct

Joseph Epstein, Snobbery: The American Version (Houghton Mifflin), 274 pages, $25.00.

In This Issue

One Event vs. Many Trends

Voices in the small-press wilderness

Palestine's Emerging Democratic Alternative

The only alternative to the continuing violence in the Middle East is the establishment of a Palestinian regime that is truly committed to democracy and peace.

Back to School Basics

New Immigrants and Old-Time Religion

A widely overlooked fact about America's new immigrant populations is their strong religious faith.

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