Nov - Dec 2000

Nov - Dec 2000

American Outlook: American Generosity in Foreign Giving

Darwin's Science of Morality

Religious critics of Darwinism often overlook the fact that the nineteenth-century naturalist's writings actually support the natural law theory of morality.

Stossel Under Attack

Shamelessly Doubting Darwin

The biggest threat to genuine scientific inquiry is not resistance from people of faith but unwarranted hubris on the part of many scientists.

Free Trade's Invisible Ally

The U.S. military not only protects the American people from military threats but makes global free trade possible by stabilizing potentially volatile regions.

Foot Fop

America's Religious Disconnect

America's secular elite and large religious majority are in increasing conflict, with no end in sight.

Decline and Fall

Jacques Barzun, From Dawn to Decadence: 500 Years of Western Cultural Life (New York: HarperCollins, 2000), 877 pages, $36.00

1491 and All That

The Clean Water Act of 1972 was designed to eliminate pollution from America's waters, but experts have yet to reach a consensus on what constitutes clean water.

Running on Empty

The Possibility of Knowledge

The Decline of American Universities

College campuses used to be bastions of academic freedom,

Debit Cards for Drugs

Gasoline Additive Backfires

How to Fund Corruption

The United States is ignoring appalling corruption and spending billions of tax dollars to curb a nonexistent Russian threat.

Art, Science, and Postmodern Society

In the search for truth, America has lost itself in the culture

Stately Ships Seen

A visit to the Mystic Seaport Maritime Museum

Immigration Policy as Random Rationing

America's current immigration nonpolicy systematically excludes

Death to the Death Tax

An expanding economy and fluid class structure are making Americans increasingly skeptical toward the federal estate tax.

Running on Empty

No Place for a Small God

Modern science makes the case for a Creator more compelling than ever.

Ghosts of Times Past

Norman Podhoretz, My Love Affair With America (New York: Free Press, 2000), 256 pages, $24.50

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