Summer 1999 Issue

Summer 1999 Issue

The Moral Imperative of Biotechnology

We Are All Environmentalists Now

Aliens Along the Potomac

Transitional Tiger

China's political and cultural modernization is proving more complicated than economic reform.

Conserve Authority

The New Threats Threat

U.S. national security and international stability still depend on a few crucial alliances.

The Immigration Game

Current immigration policies portend economic and cultural travails.

The High Miles Club

Pluralism Within Unity

The Inclusion Illusion

Controversial decisions about what we teach in history and social studies will affect the course of our liberal democracy.

Frog Follies

Unpopular Science

Public distrust of science and technology can be deadly...

Who'll Stop the Rain

The Father Factor

A growing responsible fatherhood movement is spreading the word that better fathers make for a better society.

That's Entertainment

The Everything Culture


Y2K reminds us that technology can be the weaver of our dreams or the bane of our existence. Personal preparedness is the key.

The American Dilemma: Personal Autonomy & the Common Good

Arresting the rise of social pathologies means replacing relativism with common sense.

Crime Must Have a Stop

Common sense may be right - and the experts wrong - about how to deter crime.

Building Social Capital

From E Pluribus Unum to E Unum Pluribus

Government attempts to curb discrimination are increasing tensions among minorities.

The New International Financial Architecture

The world is in transition to a new financial architecture, and old ways are making the process harder.

Breaking Windows

The Justice Department wants to break Microsoft's stranglehold on . . what?

Abortion: Turning a Corner?

From Criminal Communism to Criminal Capitalism

Bald, Lazy, and on Welfare

EPA Protects the Woods - and Their Jobs

Repairing the Cultural Tapestry

New projects and organizations are offering a civil response to the coarsening of American culture.

Privacy On Demand

The biggest threat to our privacy today is not the government-it's greed.

Lessons of Littleton


Y2K reminds us that technology can be the weaver of our dreams or the bane of our existence. Personal preparedness is the key.

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