July - Aug 2001

July - Aug 2001

Common Ground for Conservation

We don't have to choose between people and penguins.

Swept Away

Unfettered immigration is rapidly shifting the ethnic and political balance of the United States. Republicans beware.

Macedonia Gazes into the Abyss

The Worried Well

Stemming the Tide

Refighting the Great War

Niall Ferguson, The Pity of War: Explaining World War I (New York: Basic Books, 2000), 608 pages, $17.00

Forty Years of Hudson

Censoring the Wind

Feeling Your Pain--and Causing Much More

Marriage & the Gen-Xer

Celestial Cinema

E-cinema and cyber-entertainment are hastening the Napsterization of Hollywood--and a thorough, radical transformation of our entertainment media.

Reinventing Civil Society

Shoring up America's frayed civil society will require not just political solutions but a new respect for national symbols and moral norms.

Don't Want My MTV

Carson Holloway, All Shook Up: Music, Passion, and Politics (Dallas: Spence Publishing Company, 2001), 212 pages, $27.95

Separation Anxieties

More Executions, Fewer Deaths?

A new study suggests that the death penalty deters many more murders than most people thought plausible. A death-penalty opponent analyzes the evidence.

Beauty and the Enlightened Beast

The roots of modern-day horrors are to be found not in superstition and ignorance, but in the perverse philosophical assumptions of the Enlightenment itself.

Making "Charitable Choice" Work

Despite fears of critics concerned about the civil liberties of both citizens and churches, faith-based organizations are solving social problems with a minimum of church-state entanglement.

Compassionate Conservatives Meet the Free Market

It's not a pretty sight--but it could be worse.

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Climbing Down from Arafat

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