Winter 1999 Issue

Winter 1999 Issue

How the Vice President Gave Us "The Hottest Year on Record"

The Assault on Free Trade

Free trade is the solution to global economic turmoil, not its cause

A Novelist in Full

Childhood 101

Up In Smoke

El Nio's Bratty Little Sister

The Assault on Free Enterprise

The global economic crisis is afailure of governments, not markets.

The "Emerging Markets" Mirage

A good economy needs a good government

Renewing American Culture

A new civil society is replacing the old

Radon Redux

Leadership and Public Confidence

Steadfast leaders like Ronald Reagan can restore a nation's confidence

Welfare Privatization--Who Profits?

Forecasting the Future

History happens in straight lines and curves

Embracing the Extremes

Old Friendships Die Hard

The Coming Clash of Welfare States

The unintended consequences of the welfare state will be the defining issue of the next century.

Information Superhighway Robbery

Electronic commerce is ready for explosive growth, but the threat of global piracy continues to delay the rewards.

Poor Sports

Defense and Indefensibility

Proliferation makes antimissile defenses an urgent priority.

Next Up For NAFTA: Britain?

The Globalization of the U.S. Dollar

The widespread use of U.S. dollars abroad is good for everybody.

Trickle-Down Honesty

Apocalypse Now?

Unfriendly Fire

There's plenty of time to resolve the global warming debate

Blowing Smoke Rings

The Real Shame of the West

Lack of pride in the Western heritage bodes ill for the future.

In This Issue

Restoring America to Itself

Loss of confidence in America's founding principles is the real threat to the nation's future

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