Winter 2000 Issue

Winter 2000 Issue

Population Pessimists are More than Merely Wrong

Clueless in Seattle

Protesters at the Seattle WTO meetings wanted to halt trade and technology to save jobs and the environment. Their agenda would do the exact opposite.

Guns for Sale-- Cheap

Forward to the Past

Michael Crichton. Timeline. (New York, Alfred A. Knopf, 1999), 450 pages. $26.95

Conflicts, Coalitions, and the Civil Society Movement

The federal government is recognizing that local institutions are more effective in deal-ing with issues once thought too big for them to handle.

Crippled Tiger

Mark A. Groombridge and Claude E. Barfield, Tiger by the Tail: China and the World Trade Organization. Washington D.C.: American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, 1999. $14.95. 111 pages

Send in the Clowns

Mourning Jesse Dirkhising

A Catholic Against Religious Liberty

The American Myth of Religious Freedom, by Kenneth R. Craycraft Jr, Spence Publishing Company, Dallas, 1999, 202 pages, $27.95

AIDS-- Making the Worst Out of a Good Situation

Anthrax Angst Syndrome

Some fear the cure more than the disease--and that is putting U.S. national security at risk.

Dirty Pool

Activists and governments are using water-quality scares to attack modern agriculture. Third World starvation and environmental devastation may be the result.

Reaper's Revenge-- TB Makes a Comeback

Now What?

Digital Geography

Where will you live in the new millennium? The new world economy based on digital media is remodeling city, countryside, and everything in between

Searching for the Perfect Egg

Beyond the Year 2000

The new millennium should be a time for optimism, not despair.

Sleeping with the Enemy

Current U.S. policy toward Kosovo is actually helping Milosevic remain in power.

The Semantics and Politics of Bigotry

Minority groups in the U.S. are changing the meaning of bigotry to reap political benefits.

Dollar Rising over the Caribbean

Tying their currencies to the dollar can help strengthen the economies of Caribbean Basin countries.

The Futility of an Internet Sales Tax

Politicians think they're going to make a ton of money taxing Internet sales. They won't.

Bradley's Big Bold Health-Care Gambit

New Support for States Rights

The conflict between federalism and equal protection is the defining issue of important cases now before the Supreme Court.

Big Brother's Best Buddy

The End of Money and the Struggle for Financial Privacy, by Richard W. Rahn. Discovery Institute Press, 1999. ($25.00) 223 pages

Muddling Through Asia

The current U.S. policy of "least resistance" toward Asia will encourage political and economic strife in the region.

Digital Geography

Where will you live in the new millennium? The new world economy based on digital media is remodeling city, countryside, and everything in between

Simply Rich

As Americans grow increasingly restless with the pace of modern life, many are seeking happiness through simpler living.

Reforming the Reformers

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