Winter 2002

Winter 2002

History in Red Ink

Ulrike Ackermann, Sündenfall der Intellektuellen: Ein deutsch-französischer Streit von 1945 bis heute (Stuttgart: Klett-Cotta, 2000), 269 pages

No Salmon Famine

Replacing Muslim Terrorism with Biotech

The very technological progress that Muslim extremists hate, especially in agriculture, is the only real solution to the many problems of the Islamic world.

What Is A School?

Dumbing Diversity Down

Aboriginal Sins

A Walker Outside the City

Teddy Tackles Industrial "Terrorists"

Exploiting Child Exploitation

A new study that grossly exaggerates the extent of child sexual abuse in the United States is just old-fashioned America-bashing in disguise.

Road to Recovery

History demonstrates that the New York area will rebound quickly from the September 11 terrorist attacks and continue to lead the U.S. business world.

Disney University and the Politics of Guilt

The widespread reluctance of parents, alumni, and trustees to question today's dumbed-down multicultural curricula is turning American colleges and universities into ideological theme parks.

A Tolkien Triumph

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring New Line Cinema, directed by Peter Jackson, starring Elijah Wood, Ian McKellan, Sean Astin, Liv Tyler, Ian Holm, and Cate Blanchett. PG-13

Health Care Reform From the Ground Up

The experience of groups across the country demonstrates that America's tattered health care safety net must be rewoven with community ties rather than government strings.

Retirement Security for a New Age

As Americans age and the country goes to war, the need for Social Security reform is now more urgent than ever.

Equal Opportunity Ambulance Chasing

Big Government, Big Business, Small Hope

No Child Left Behind May Mean They Are All Behind

A Tale of Two Tinseltowns

Sure, Hollywood too often disregards moral and historical truths, but it can also uplift the soul--when it wants to.

Blinded by Politics

William McGowan, Coloring the News: How Crusading for Diversity Has Corrupted American Journalism (San Francisco: Encounter Books, 2001), 278 pages, $25.95

Brain Flood

The H-1b visa program for foreign high-tech workers is unnecessary and unfair--both to qualified American workers and to low-tech immigrants.

Russia's Continuing Threat to the West

New Year, New Economy?

Economists are just as bad at predicting the future as are political commentators, but one thing is easy to forecast--America's long-term prospects.

In This Issue

Americans in All But Thought, Word, and Deed

Although many Canadians have rallied strongly to the U.S. side in the wake of September 11, Canada's governing elite has stubbornly maintained its ambivalence toward America.

Getting it in the Neck

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