Bridge to Rwanda

 When Jay Hein, President of the Sagamore Institute,  was working with the White House he became connected with President Kagame and Rick Warren. Together they began the Bridge2Rwanda program. Bridge2Rwanda selects the most promising highschool students from schools in Rwanda and gives them access to college preparatory courses. Once completed B2R guides their scholars through the processes of taking the SAT's and applying for college in the US. Many of the scholars are granted positions at Ivy league schools. B2R facilitates host families for their students while they are abroad as well as summer internships in Rwanda to encourage their scholars to continue to be invested in the development of their country.  Learn more about B2R

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ISOKO Leadership Workshop

ISOKO Leadership Workshop (ILW) is primarily interested the development of mature, strong, flourishing individuals for the growth of robust flourishing communities, to the eventual realization of a secure, prosperous and harmonious state known for its excellence and creativity. ILW hopes to more broadly disseminate this different order of formation, growth and development in the context of excellence, knowledge and love, to raise up women and men committed to deep thinking and earnest practice essential to the making of high quality communities. It remains true that “Man, not the earth, makes civilization. The only real revolution is in the enlightenment of the mind and the improvement of character; the only real emancipation is individual.”

The ISOKO Leadership Workshop was conducted on the campus of Liberian International Christian College (LICC) in cooperation with the Agriculture Research Center at LICC. The Agriculture Research Center was founded and is managed by Sagamore Institute Senior Fellows Travis and Gina Sheets. It is hoped that the ISKO Leadership Workshop becomes an annual event held in Liberia. ILW had hope to principally work with only 8-12 participants, but has since been persuaded to increase that number to 15-20 participants. The workshop is committed to 144 contact hours with participants in seminars conducted preferably within a time frame of four weeks. Generally, weekly required readings varies between 50- 100 pages of articles, essays, and booklets. These seminar sessions are punctuated by fellowship over a meal and refreshments where the conversation continues. The hope is to have the readings and discussions encompass a broad spectrum of themes dealing with governance, policy studies, philosophy and theology, art and culture, and the making of cities and states.

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Research Fellow: Maavi Norman

Maavi Norman is currently a Ph. D. candidate at Northwestern University and a recent Leadership Fellow with Northwestern’s Center for Leadership. He is also the grandson of Liberia’s President William Tolbert, a reformist leader who was assassinated in a military coup d’état in 1980. Keenly aware of the challenges that leaders face in their quest for bringing about progressive political and economic transformations and having experienced firsthand the grievous consequences of reforms unintentionally leading to political instability, Norman’s work blends academic rigor with a commitment to develop resilient leaders of integrity. Explore his work in the link below. 

Leadership Matters