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A Sagamore Institute Study on Clean Energy Policy

The whole world is watching the development of America’s new energy policy, and they have asked the Sagamore Institute to help understand the process. The South Korean Ministry of Knowledge Economy commissioned Sagamore to carry out an analysis of the Obama Administration’s “clean energy” policy. The Koreans have a powerful incentive to think clearly about these issues since they must import almost one hundred percent of the energy they consume. In January the South Korean government positioned itself among the world policy idea leaders when it announced its “Green New Deal,” a $40 billion economic stimulus package based on investment in new technologies and what the Koreans call “green-growth businesses.”

Sagamore’s study will identify the linkages and trade-offs between US energy policies and other policy priorities such as more general economic stimulus, banking and financial sector reform, and employment and training policies. It will assess the likely effectiveness of particular policies that could be adopted, including: public-private partnerships; collaborations between private companies and universities in research and development; implications of the Administration’s “clean energy” policies for state and local governments; relation of the Administration’s energy policies to trade and foreign investment. Sagamore will focus particular attention on lessons South Korea can draw, such as job creation, “green growth zones,” and tax incentives. Sagamore will explore opportunities for trade and research collaboration between Korean and American companies. Finally, the study will forecast future policy directions the Obama Administration might take after the UN Climate Change Conference takes place in Copenhagen in December.

This research will benefit the US and Indiana as well as South Korea. Thanks to its work with the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, Sagamore Institute will contribute fresh ideas to policy discussions and help the public understand fully what is at stake.