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Reforming Education in Indiana

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Like most states across the country, Indiana has struggled in recent decades with numerous challenges pertaining to K-16 education. 

  • Students perform poorly on statewide achievement tests. 
  • School districts, primarily those in urban areas, report low graduation rates. 
  • Colleges and universities experience high levels of college dropouts.
  • Individuals who leave college fail to return to complete their postsecondary degrees. 
  • Those desiring a college degree encounter difficulties in securing adequate funding to cover the ever-increasing cost of that education. 

All of these issues, and more, pose significant challenges for Indiana and the future of its educational system.  Given the growing demands of the state’s evolving knowledge-based economy, it is essential for business and civic leaders, educators, and state policymakers to find ways to address these issues and offer viable solutions in order to prepare the state and its citizens for the future.

For Indiana to face the ever-growing demands of our global community and to ensure the continued competitiveness of Hoosiers with others around the world, Indiana will need to explore new approaches and innovations to guarantee that its residents possess the education and skills necessary to live and work in the 21st century.  Recognizing these particular challenges, Sagamore is actively involved in studying the problems facing our educational system and seeking solutions that will bring about effective reform of current practices.

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