Aspiration Indiana

Aspiration Indiana is a new series of studies and initiatives that look in-depth at how recent reforms are setting Indiana apart from its midwestern neighbors, and how the Hoosier State can build on those reforms to be the midwest's premier "aspirational state" - a place where people, investors, and entrepreneurs come to get ahead, prosper, and live the American Dream. Check back regularly for new studies and reports. Aspiration Indiana is directed by Ryan Streeter, Distinguished Fellow for Economic and Fiscal Policy.

In the News:

Science, Technology Jobs up in Area Dayton Daily News 7/12/12


Paper: Clues from the Past: The Midwest as an Aspirational Region by Joel Kotkin, Mark Schill, and Ryan Streeter
Much has been made of the Midwest's decline and its loss of manufacturing. This report provides fresh, new evidence that the Midwest could be on the cusp of revival, and rather than abandoning its past, its revival may lie in its ability to recover and update those aspects of its past that made it great. 


The Aspirational State: Indiana as a Guide for Reformers by Dr. Ryan Streeter
During the Great Recession, Indiana turned a $700 million deficit into a $1.8 billion surplus, achieving a AAA rating and a number of other critical reforms along the way. This report includes eight briefs, available individually below, that describe the essentials of the Indiana model as a guide to reformers in other states and localities.

Policy Brief 1: Aspiration America: The Indiana Model by Dr. Ryan Streeter

Policy Brief 2: Getting the AAA Rating: The Indiana Path by Dr. Ryan Streeter

Policy Brief 3: The Art and Science of Balanced Budgeting by Dr. Ryan Streeter

Policy Brief 4: Health Care as if Consumers Mattered: The Indiana Health Care Reform Model by Dr. Ryan Streeter

Policy Brief 5: You Don't Have to Spend it All: How to Use Impoundment to Keep State Spending Down                                  by Dr. Ryan Streeter

Policy Brief 6: Indiana As a Leading Education Reform State by Dr. Ryan Streeter

Policy Brief 7: Get Your Own Toll Road: Indiana's Historic Infrastructure Achievement by Dr. Ryan Streeter

Policy Brief 8: Broadband Leadership from the Hoosier State by Dr. Ryan Streeter


Paper: The Puzzle of Indiana's Economy Through the Great Recession by Michael J. Hicks and Kevin F. Kuhlman
Michigan and Indiana are twins in many demographic and economic respects. So why did they perform so differently through the recession? 

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