Crime and Justice

Crime affects everyone. If you’re not one of the 2.3 million Americans (that’s 1 in 32) in prison, then you likely know someone who is.

Crime affects all sorts of communities, large and small, urban and suburban.

While substance abuse, nonviolent infractions, and violent crimes continue to skyrocket, high recidivism rates continue to strain neighborhoods and police resources. Not to mention jeopardizing the safety and security of individuals in all walks of life. 

Through its research portfolio in criminal justice, Sagamore has established itself as a leader in offering solutions and identifying “best practices” that will hopefully reduce crime and lead to a more just and peaceful society.  Sagamore’s researchers have explored the difficult crime problems facing communities—such as rampant crystal meth abuse and underage drinking—and examined the roles that local and state governments, federal government, and community organizations play in working to ensure the safety of all citizens. 

More importantly, Sagamore has offered recommendations to reduce crime and restore justice, while offering suggestions on how to give ex-prisoners a second chance in becoming productive citizens.   

A Sagamore Spotlight

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