Education Reform

In an era of global competition for knowledge workers, America is falling behind.

In a 2006 study, 15-year-olds in the U.S. scored lower in mathematics than 80 percent of the other countries profiled. Similarly, according to Civic Enterprises, almost one-third of American public high school students fail to graduate.

How can the U.S. get back into the global game?

Sagamore believes that the answers to America’s education crisis starts when we begin equipping school leaders—teachers, principals, and administrators—to rise to a new level of professional excellence. Places like Marian University are doing just that.

We believe that answers are also found on the legislative front, when policymakers begin reforming the system from the bottom up by encouraging policies that broaden school choice options for families and evaluate practices—like teacher tenure—that need reform. In these areas, Indiana is leading the way. In fact, a year ago, The Wall Street Journal called Indianapolis a “test case for [education] reform.”  The piece trumpeted Indianapolis as a rare and unique locale where state, local, and non-profit leaders were testing out innovations in education reform.

We are also convinced that ultimate reform to America’s educational system can only happen when we create better opportunities for every student. Sagamore has led the way in this, through initiatives like Herron High School, a classical charter high school in Indianapolis.

Read the sections below to learn more about our partnerships and efforts to reform education in America.

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