National Security

The twenty-first century provides challenges and opportunities unlike those of previous generations. Our increasingly interconnected world offers both a more robust social, technological, and economic infrastructure, and makes us more vulnerable to internal conditions within other countries.

But in today’s world of small-scale, urban conflict, failed states, decentralized terrorist cells, rising food prices, and water shortages, the United States is fast learning that the strategies of yesterday are insufficient for tomorrow.

As a global leader, America must be poised to address non-state actors as well as traditional international relations.  This requires a national security infrastructure with strong policy, military, and intelligence mechanisms to address potential and current threats around the world.

Sagamore Institute is examining how the United States is fulfilling that role, most recently by analyzing the efforts of U.S. Senator Dick Lugar to secure biological research facilities in Africa. Moreover, Sagamore Senior Fellow Alan Dowd provides commentary on a number of American national security and foreign policy concerns.

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