Philanthropy commonly defined: the act of donating money, goods, services, time, or effort to support a socially benefiicial cause. Heather Higgins, president of the Randolph Foundation in New York and the co-founder of the Alliance for Charitable Reform, defines philanthropy more specifically as "the organized expression of the highest of American ideals: the belief that Americans can create wealth and then use it generously to establish organizations that act in good faith and have the wisdom, compassion, and initiative to help others without undue reliance on government."

With this in mind, Sagamore seeks to inform civic, business, and government leaders about philanthropic "best practices" and the people behind them. One such leader is Dr. Leslie Lenkowsky, a professor of public affairs and philanthropic studies at the Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs and the Center on Philanthropy and a member of Sagamore's Board of Trustees.  Click below to learn more about Dr. Lenkowsky's work.

Another way in which Sagamore connects with the larger philanthropic community is through Conversations on Philanthropyan occasional series of essays edited by Associate Fellow Lenore Ealy.  Conversations provides a venue for interdisciplinary research and reflection about the ways in which we promote human excellence through voluntary action and giving. 


Lenkowsky on Philanthropy

Conversations on Philanthropy Book Cover Conversations on Philanthropy


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