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Library of Liberty

Indiana business leader and philanthropist Pierre Goodrich was what in today's world is increasingly rare--a practical, successful businessman who was also an avid reader of the classics and an ardent advocate of the liberties that lie at the heart of American culture. To further these interests and to inspire future generations, Goodrich left his estate to create the Liberty Fund, a major permanent endowment based in Indianapolis and designed to foster reading and discussion of the great books that shed light on the nature of liberty. The Library of Liberty is one of the programs funded by the Liberty Fund. Through this initiative, the Fund publishes great books in handsome bindings and places libraries of these works in important institutions. The books are also available for purchase or subscription. Through the Library of Liberty, Liberty Fund helps assure that these classic texts remain in circulation, and through its sponsored conferences, the Fund assures that the ideas that shaped the American concept of liberty remain alive in the hearts and minds of future generations. Sagamore Institute is honored to be one of the institutions selected by Liberty Fund to house this Library of Liberty.



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