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Lionized as the last investment frontier and one of the fastest-growing economic regions in the world, Africa is breaking from its tumultuous past. As a result, the African marketplace is increasingly attracting investor appetites, and for good reason. Numerous studies affirm that returns on capital in Africa are higher than in China or India—often by 65 to 70 percent.

Leading the way is Rwanda—“The Land of a Thousand Hills,” or what Foreign Policy has dubbed “The World’s Best Kept Secret for Business.” Despite a devastating civil war, this small, landlocked country is emerging as a leading model of economic development in Africa.

Established to help Rwanda transition from an aid- to trade-based economy and to transfer those lessons across sub-Saharan Africa, ISOKO Institute is poised to become Africa’s leading free market think tank. Headquartered in Kigali, under the auspices of President Paul Kagame, ISOKO (“marketplace” in Kinyarwanda) serves as a catalyst for entrepreneurs and investors to launch new businesses and to test their innovations in Africa’s marketplace. 

Because of its work developing the Bradley Commission on Africa, Sagamore has been tapped to serve as a strategic partner for this Kigali-based NGO. With president Jay Hein at the helm as ISOKO’s managing director, Sagamore is helping transform the international development debate to emphasize trade over aid.

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